Elmer McGuirt entered a Tampa-area Wachovia branch yesterday afternoon with a threatening note, and walked out with a bag of the bank's money.

Being homeless, McGuirt did not bring his own getaway car; rather, he availed himself of the services of the Tampa public transportation system. After boarding a bus, Mcguirt (no doubt elated by his recent adventure) "began handing out the money to other passengers, while keeping some for himself - stuffed in his pants."

Alas, all good things must come to an end. The bus driver pulled over, the police arrived, and McGuirt was arrested for his manic redistribution of other people's funds. The money was removed from his pants. Yet...is a bit of magic still in the air? Around Tampa's dark clouds, it seems, floated the merest hint of a silver lining.

Deputies were also able to get some money back from the remaining passengers.

[St. Pete Times via Pat's Papers, photo via]