On this day Prince William and Kate Middleton were married. And also something like a dozen memes were born. The grumpy flower girl is cute, but the hat worn by Princess Beatrice is our favorite. Princess Beatrice's hat has a tumblr, something like 14 Facebook fan pages with thousands of fans, and has set off a Photoshop frenzy.

The Facebook group "Princess Beatrice's ridiculous Royal Wedding hat" has 14,000 fans and growing. Eh, it's no Aretha Franklin's inauguration hat, which has 94,000 fans.


Everyone's photoshopping weird stuff coming out of Beatrice's hat! The hole in the middle is the perfect place to shove the internet's collective weirdness.

Every social network has taken place in the memefication of Princess Beatrice's hat: Here's a whole tumblr devoted to it. But the weirdest and most creative takes have come from Canvas, the start-up image board created by 4chan founder Christopher Poole. (Think of it as a safe-for-work 4chan) Canvas is still in beta but is becoming a pretty good source of viral content already.


Thanks, Not Choinski!

Also contributing to its potency of the Princess Beatrice Hat meme is the fact that it looks like all sorts of weird things. The internet loves comparing things to other things. Sci-fi geeks have taken to calling it the Cthulhu Hat after H.P. Lovecraft's tendrilous monster. Another very accurate name: pretzel hat.

Here is the hat. Meme away