As part of her ongoing efforts to protect Arizona citizens from being beheaded or anchor babied to death, human cactus Jan Brewer has signed a bill authorizing the construction of a border fence.

For fiscal responsibility reasons, the fence will probably not be decorated with multicultural murals, which can become expensive to maintain. Speaking of expense, just how will the fence be paid for? "Oh, I don't know," Arizona says:

"The bill does not specify a cost or make an appropriation but says the state would use donations, inmate labor and private contractors."

Well, using inmate labor should drive down costs some. Maybe the inmates can also bake—not just "bake in the hot, unforgiving, potentially deadly desert sun," but also "bake delicious prison pies and cookies," to sell for border fence fund-raising purposes. That's not exploitation, that's job creation—plain and simple.

Or maybe the fence can get its own specialty license plate, like how Arizona's Tea Party just did? The L.A. Times says the Brewer-authorized plate "features the 'Don't Tread On Me' slogan, rattlesnake emblem and yellow background of the historic Gadsden flag," and will help the partay raise money to become bigger and better than ever. Man, don't you want to move to Arizona now? Thank God they're not building fences around all the other borders (yet).

[CBS News; image via AP]