Tragically lucky British man Lee Knight's first wife tried to kill him by putting antifreeze in his curry. Knight's soon-to-be second wife took care of him after the poisoning. It's karma in action, with a dash of trading up!

Back in 2005, Knight's first wife tried to off him in order to claim a hefty life insurance payout. Fortunately for Knight, the attempt failed—but left him blind, deaf, and suffering from liver and kidney failure. While waiting for a kidney transplant he met nurse Jackie Evans, whose specialness became apparent to him even though he couldn't actually see or hear her:

At first Jackie was only able to communicate with her patient by tracing the outline of words with her finger on the palm of his hand.

However a friendship developed between them-and their unusual way of talking to one another soon became their language of love.

When Knight finally got out of the hospital, he took his special lady out for Chinese food and the rest, as they say, is history. "Lee has been incredibly brave throughout all the years of surgery and treatment. His determination to survive and beat all the odds has been amazing and I'm so proud of him," says Evans.

Knight's first wife won't be attending the wedding because she's in jail for the next few decades (among other reasons).

[Daily Mail; stock image via Shutterstock]