Are you ready for round two of Royal Wedding Pandemonium: The Honeymoon? The Daily Mail breathlessly reports (read: likely fabricated) that it knows where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will spend their honeymoon, while even Kate herself doesn't know. Hint: It's an island in the Seychelles!

The Mail can reveal that the Duke and Duchess are due to fly out by private jet in mid-May before being taken by helicopter from the mainland to the tropical retreat.

Two Scotland Yard protection officers checked the destination a fortnight ago to ensure it would give the couple the privacy they crave. The Mail is not publishing details of the location, and it is understood that not even Kate is aware of the exact destination.

Good on The Mail for not publishing the details and just keeping it to the island chain. Also, mid-May? That means we can look forward to a solid month of in-your-face Royal news!

[Image of Seychelles via Getty]