Of all the issues facing the naturist community, probably one of the biggest is they're all old and wrinkly now. The WSJ reports that the "nudist resort industry" is desperately seeking younger clientele. We need young naked bodies, at once!

If you are under the age of 35, won't you consider getting naked and running around in public, for the sake of American commerce? It would be such a help if you did. All the kids are doing it, actually. The Florida Young Naturists hold fun events full of tan young naked people, in Florida. Why aren't you rushing to join right now?

Ms. Bartoletti, who is starting college in May, said she felt as if she'd known her fellow nudists for weeks. Her only complaint was the mosquitoes.

"I woke up this morning and put on a shirt to keep them off me," she said.

"And then I put on some pants too, to keep them off me, and some shoes to keep the thorns out of my feet, and a hat to shield me from the sun, and some underwear to prevent chafing, and a handbag to hold my necessities, and a jacket to shield me from the cold breeze," said the enthusiastic young nudist.

Get naked right now!

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