At times it seems that for those afflicted with obesity, each passing day is like a terrible pounding tidal wave, dumping bad news and sucking out all joy into the blackness of the retreating tides. The affliction itself traps its victims in a cruel duality; the comforting consumption that would momentarily sate their persistent woes is the very thing that keeps them from fully enjoying the other thing that would sate their persistent woes: hot sexxx.

A new study finds that obese people are "significantly less satisfied than the general population." Which is bad when you think about who makes up the general population! How bad is it?

The researchers compared the [sexual satisfaction] scores for the obese group seeking treatment to a group of cancer survivors studied in 2006 and a general population group. Gadde says obese men's satisfaction scores fell between the cancer survivors and the general population, while obese women scored lower than both groups.

They say when you look, one never find
They also say that love is blind
It ain't that blind that I can't see
Somebody out there who's perfect for me.

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