[There was a video here]

Hack hacks back in backseat attack! Two women got inside a cab in Midtown last weekend. and asked the driver to take them to Bed-Stuy. The driver responded by trying to haul them out, by the feet!

"Oh, my God!" one of the women screams. "Do not touch us! Do not f - - king touch us!"

"You, you have to take us to Brooklyn!"

The irate driver then scampered out the back seat, wildly flailed his arms, and desperately begged other cabs to take his fares off his hands.

A lot of cabs don't want to go to Brooklyn. But this guy wanted to go to Brooklyn even less than the average taxi driver.

So... that's about it. Now write about your own crazy taxi stories in the comment box.

[NYP. Photo: AP]