Like your grandparents, Osama Bin Laden kept cash in all sorts of weird places. He apparently had 500 Euros (about $740) and two telephone numbers sewn into his clothes when he was shot dead by U.S. commandos, "sure signs that he was prepared to flee his compound at a moment's notice," according to Politico.

Lots of logistical questions about this. For example: Did all of Bin Laden's outfits have 500 euros sewed into them? Or did he just never change pants? And what was he planning on doing with such a measly sum? And what about the phone numbers? Probably some Qaeda operatives. The White House should publish those and let everyone in America prank call them. This would be better than any gross death picture.

Caveat: Given the White House's constant backtracking on key details of Osama's capture, it will likely turn out that Osama Bin Laden was in reality completely naked except for a Braves hat when captured.

[Image via AP]