Good news from the world of Economia! Well, not "good," exactly. Bad. Bad news. The glorious economic recovery seems to be in danger of stalling, what with the sluggish growth rate, persistent unemployment, and general malaise among the non-investing class.

What is those non-investing people's problem, right? It's not like we're returning to the days of the "Dust Bowl!" It's not like our precious metals are plunging in value! It's not like every seventh one of us is on food stamps!

Ah, wait a sec. Okay. Just to correct a minor factual error earlier in this piece: further research indicates that we are, in fact, returning to the days of the Dust Bowl. And silver prices just fell off a cliff. And one in seven Americans is on food stamps. And even the investing class is having a pretty shitty day today.

Regardless. The point is we'll never get this economy moving again without optimism. Not just optimism from the rich; optimism from The Poors. You poors are the majority, after all. This recession is your responsibility.

[Photo: AP]