This young matinee idol gets a kick out of showing his costars naked pics of himself. This secretly lesbian duo has a film role together. And this American Idol is a terror to work with. Yup, never meet your idols.

1. "This barely legal actor is causing some waves on set of his television show by placing dirty pics of himself in all the dressings rooms of his costars as a practical joke." [BuzzFoto]

2. "When you think of two female lovers, I am not sure these are the two who would first pop into your mind. But, for several years this foreign born Academy Award winning actress had a love affair with this A list model turned C list actress. In a very interesting coincidence they are also tied together by one very interesting film role." [CDaN]

3. "Which American Idol Top 10 contestant has an ego bigger than JLo's? It's a real turn off for fellow contestants as well as for the established artists and record producers who have been helping him." [Blind Gossip]