Pop music thingamajig Lady Gaga made two music videos for her song "Judas," one set to debut tonight during American Idol and another tonight on E! News Daily. Well, one of those (most likely the shorter Idol version) found its way onto the internet this morning. Enjoy!

It's kind of a strange but awesome clip, with Gaga in love with the leader of a bike gang, but also in love with Judas, one of his hog-riding disciples. It's like Sons of Anarchy meets Fellini. She shows up at some strange Mexican party in an old church and repurposes religious iconography for her own fashion ends. And boy are there some outfits!

It's one of the most interesting things we've seen from Gaga in awhile (her campy gun about three-quarters through is genius) and while it's not the Madonna ripoff some people expected, it still is giving us shades of "Like a Prayer." But don't run off and call us "retarded," Gaga, we mean it as a compliment. What do you think?