In your pokey Thursday media column: the latest Katie Couric rumors, The Daily's quite unprofitable, MTV's CEO resigns, more Bill Keller columnizing, and some WaPo departures.

  • Katie Couric rumor update of the day! TMZ says Katie is "on the verge" of signing a $20 million deal with ABC, which would have the side effect of killing 'General Hospital,' in order to make time for Katie's new daytime show. Way to traumatize your very own fans, Katie Couric! You awful lady! After all the lives that 'General Hospital' has saved?
  • News Corp's future of journalism project The Daily lost $10 million in the first quarter, but that's okay, because "The tablet market is still in its infancy." So... maybe they should have waited a little longer? No? First at any price? Okay.
  • Judy McGrath, the chairperson and CEO of MTV Networks, is resigning. To "pursue other ventures," unnamed. There's no immediate indication that she got canned, so who knows? (If you do, email me.)
  • Cub columnist Bill Keller has written perhaps his strongest column to date! His latest is about the perils that war photographers face, and it's well worth reading. We'll make a columnist out of you yet, Keller. (Actually you should stop writing a column for a myriad of reasons. This one's good though.)
  • Five Washington Post staffers are departing for greener pastures. Here's the full list.

[Photo via AP]