Yellow Pages. I cannot throw those things in the recycle bin fast enough. And yet they keep coming! When was the last time you actually used one, and what did you use it for? As makeshift booster seats for your child's third birthday party? Under-sweater bulletproofing for driving through rough neighborhoods? All-purpose instruments of blunt force trauma? Hey, Yellow Pages: 1983 called. They would have called sooner, but they had to use a Yellow Pages to find your number! You get the point. I hate Yellow Pages. But I love Seattle, for being the first city in the country to actually take active measures to get rid of them.

The city has set up this website,, where residents can opt out of delivery. If they still come, publishers can be fined up to $125.

"The city of Seattle cares about the environment and it's extremely frustrating to return home someday to find five pounds of yellow pages on your porch that you're never going to use," [City Councilmember Mike] O'Brien said.

Yes! Bravo! Exactly! What the councilmember said. That policy should be held up as a shining example to every Yellow Page-littered city in the nation. And once we're done with that, maybe we can get to work on those pre-approved credit card applications. Don't get me started! [Seattle Times, photo via Shutterstock]