Chorus boy-hobbling megamusical/bottomless comedy font Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark is back from a months-long hiatus, and great news: It's fully retooled!

From an email:

Order your tickets now and be the first to see the brand-new version of Broadway's musical spectacular — with new music, new scenes and a whole new take on the mind-blowing theatrical adventure. Songwriting superstars Bono & The Edge of U2 have joined forces with a new team of artists to bring this sensation to even greater heights. Be there.

In other happy Spidey news, Christopher Tierney, the actor most seriously injured during the initial preview run, is recovered — and back doing aerial stunts on the show. That's. A. Good? Idea? They certainly seem to think so!

Show spokesman Rick Miramontez says Tierney battled the Green Goblin during the midair stunt and everything went smoothly. Miramontez called it an "emotional and exciting moment for the cast and crew."

And what of the production's deposed directing genius and creative kamikaze, Julie Taymor? She's been quiet since her departure was announced on March 9, but has been speaking up in public more and more lately. She appeared at the Tribeca Film Festival last week ("I'm not interested in doing something that everybody knows. Already been there, seen that, done it..."), accepted the "Failure Is Impossible" award at the George Eastman House Film Festival in Rochester ("As many of you know, I've been going through difficult times. But the one thing I feel so profoundly secure about is that failure is impossible...") and will deliver the keynote address at a major theater conference in Los Angeles on June 18.

That's just four days before the show's opening night, now delayed six times. (Previews for the revamped version begin May 12.) Ben Brantley is filing his teeth down to fine points in anticipation. [Topless Robot, AP, NYT, photo via MVJantzen/Flickr]