Using the Gemini South telescope, two Argentinean astronomers, Julia Arias and Rodolfo Barbá, produced this "psychedelic" composite image of the Lagoon Nebula — 5,000 light years from Earth. As the Gemini Observatory explains it:

The picture –– a composite of individual images obtained with two narrow-band optical filters sensitive to hydrogen (red) and ionized sulfur (green) emission, and another that transmits far red light (blue) –– reveals in dramatic detail a glorious cloudscape of dust and gas surrounding this nursery of intermediate- and low-mass stars. Most of the newborn stars are imbedded in the tips of thick dusty clouds, which have the appearance of bright-rimmed pillars.

Trippy, indeed. Whoa, did you say something?

[Image via Departamento de Física, Universidad de La Serena and ICATE-CONICET; via PhotoBlog]