Today we learned that the vast majority of old people in a room somewhere think Barack Obama is a socialist. Socialism, the great light-red menace! How can we ensure that no one is ever subjected to living in a socialist America? One commenter knows how.

From xyzpdq:

It's very easy for the government to calculate how much you've paid into the 'system', i.e., federal income taxes, Social Security taxes and Medicare taxes.

So here's my plan, for everyone howling about 'socialism' in America: Once a taxpayer gets back what they paid in to the various federal social programs, they're cut off.

Once a senior gets back in medical care what they've paid into Medicare, they're done. They can rely on charity care for their medical needs from that point.

Same with Medicaid. When grandma gets an amount of nursing home care equal to what she's paid into the system, she gets ejected from the nursing home. She can move into your spare bedroom, so you're more able to provide the around-the clock care she needs.

Once person gets back in Social Security or SSI an amount equal to what they've paid into it, they're done. Here's a tin cup; go beg.

When a person gets back about half what they've paid in general federal taxes, they can no longer collect unemployment, food stamps, Medicaid, FEMA aid, farm subsidies, or any other federal subsidies.

After all, we're running a deficit here, people, and we sure can't have any 'socialism' destroying the great USA.

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