Warren Buffett, Melinda Gates, and some other middle-class Americans got together in Arizona to talk about giving some of their hard-earned dollars away to less successful, less ambitious Americans, and also "meet each other, compare notes, eat and laugh." They hope you'll follow their example.

According to the Associated Press, philanthropist Jean Case (her husband is America Online founder Steve Case) said that participants of the gathering "are looking to do more impactful, more effective philanthropy and to inspire average people to give money away, Jean Case said. It's nice to be inspired.

Are you an average person? Maybe it's time for you to join these average billionaires in being more generous. "But I am broke," you say. Oh come on, we can all spare a dime. Your last dime is probably buried between the cushions of your couch, which you sit on while watching your programs and being unproductive. Give it up! Unless you had to sell the couch to buy baby food, in which case, you might qualify for "average-poor" status and need to work harder.