Rita Chretien, a Canadian woman who, along with her husband, had gone missing in late March in northwest Nevada was found alive by hunters on Friday, having survived for seven weeks on trail mix and snow.

Her husband Albert is still missing, and the Elko County Sheriff's Department has redoubled its efforts, though Rita believes him to be dead. He set off on foot with a GPS unit on March 22, looking for a nearby highway only a few days after their van had gotten stuck in the mud on a back road in a national forest. Rita stayed in the van—possibly on a road that had been closed by a landslide—and believes she would have died within a few days if she hadn't been discovered.

She's apparently in an Idaho hospital, able to walk and talk. Her children are en route to see her. "We're stunned," her son Raymond Chretien says. "We haven't fully digested it. This is a miracle."