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On last week's installment of Mob Wives, resident hothead Renee Graziano—who routinely forgets that her reign as a "Mob Princess," much like the 1980s, are long over—had a total freakout when her mafioso ex-husband, Junior, was busted by the feds. This caused Renee to question whether her lingering ties to La Cosa Nostra were worth all the trouble. Tonight, she vowed a change.

Yes! After a tarot card reading, Renee decided that she would finally cut all ties with Junior. But then she went to have drinks with Karen Gravano and some drunk pervert committed the ultimate sin by not knowing just who the hell she was and the next thing you know she's screaming into her phone, ordering Junior to come kick the drunk pervert's ass.

So, how'd it all end? Find out—and see how it got started, too—by watching the video above.