Julian Assange is looking for some PR help in the Wikileaks London office, and he's apparently conducting some pretty intense, philosophical interviews. It also appears he's been watching Speed.

A young journalist, Aled John, was called in for an interview recently, and was grilled by the man, the myth himself. Near the end of the interview, Assange peers into the young man's soul and asks, "What would you do if you had to kill one man to save a hundred?" Suddenly up against the ropes, John thinks about it and replies, "That's an impossible question to answer." Assange (probably) chuckles to himself, realizing he's obviously questioning a man of inferior intellect and moral judgement. "You've got two minutes to think about it before they all die." So deep! And so... Assange. John mulls it over, and says he'd kill the one person for "the greater good." Somewhat satisfied, Assange replies, "Good answer."

John writes that he left the interview "bewildered and deflated," and won't take the job. But it's unlikely he'd even be offered the position after hesitating like that during the most important part of the interview. But if you're interested, and you don't need to think twice about how you'd rescue mankind from the clutches of tyranny, then perhaps you should apply. In a recruitment email, Wikileaks states: "Successful candidates will be disciplined, articulate, quick-witted, capable of multi-tasking and accustomed to lack of sleep. Ability to start immediately is essential."

[Independent; image via Getty]