Tea Party Patriots™ and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer have initiated a Kickstarter-style scheme to solicit donations for a border fence to keep the Mexicans out of their righteous, desert oasis. Pretty clever. So, what can donors expect in return for their contributions (besides resting in the knowledge that they're True Patriots, of course)? The sponsor of the bill that Brewer signed, state Senator Steve Smith of "birther bill" fame, told the AP that contributors might receive a piece of paper that reads, "[I] helped build the Arizona wall." Uh, cool. He adds, "I think it's going to be a really, really neat thing." Golly, keeping them dang Mexicans out of America's grundle is going to be just swell. Pitch in while there's still time! You'll also be paying for the 50 cents an hour that Arizona inmates will receive for their work on the fence. Win-win.

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