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While reporting on a gruesome murder in the Mid-Wilshire area of LA, a KTLA news reporter managed to seem cheery and excited, and conducted a charming little interview with a neighborhood eccentric.

Early Sunday morning an MTV music coordinator named Gabriel Aron Benmeir was shot in the head, "execution style," in front of his Los Angeles home. His body was there for some five hours until it was discovered by a neighbor. Horrible, right? No, hilarious! Observe above as David Begnaud, reporter at large, sunnily gives us the grim details and then stops to have a lively chat with neighborhood resident, excuse me Block Captain, Joann Smyth. They banter back and forth a bit, all the while seeming to entirely forget that someone was horribly murdered right near where they stand.

Local news broadcasts are often a bit tonally off, but the cutesy get-to-know-a-neighborhood vibe of this strikes as especially strange. [via LAT]