Attention! Parents! Alert! Is your child out, in the public? A sex perv may be photographing your child right now, for his own, nefarious/sexual purposes. That's why New Jersey lawmakers have proposed a bill that would ban photographs of kids.

As everyone knows, sex pervs are everywhere, trying to take pictures of your child. But a law being considered in the New Jersey legislature would make it illegal to photograph or record kids "a reasonable parent or guardian would not expect his child to be the subject of such reproduction," no matter how sexy the kid is.

Is this constitutional? In a word, "no." (Even the bill's sponsor, Republican Assemblyman David Russo, agrees.) But let me ask you a question: Is being a sex pervert constitutional? Answer me that, James Madison. And don't worry, legislators are coming up with ideas for an improved bill already:

Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande (R-Monmouth) said the bill would stand a better chance of being found constitutional if it were changed so that photographing only the genital region of minors, even if fully clothed, would be outlawed.

"If we narrow the scope of what we're talking about and perhaps put in something that really speaks to the predatory nature we're speaking of, our statute would be more likely to be held constitutional," she said.

Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande: Focusing on the genital region of minors—for New Jersey.

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