We have, in the past, attempted to clear up the apparently common misconception that 911 is for frivolities like nude Facebook photos or business cards. (It is not. It is for emergencies only.) Would that Raymond Roberge had listened!

Alas, Mr. Roberge, of Bridgeport, Conn., is apparently not a frequent reader of this fine web log. Roberge was arrested yesterday after calling 911 three times, and then, when emergency personnel arrived, "offer[ing] them money to go to the store and buy him some beer." In fact, the fellow has been suffering under a number of misconceptions about the uses of 911:

According to police, since the beginning of the year Roberge has called 911 79 times, and each time it has turned out to be a false alarm...

On one occasion, police said, Roberge offered emergency personnel $20 and a handful of loose change if they would come into his home and sit with him.

No, Mr. Roberge, 911 is not there so you can pay people to hang out with you. That's what this website is for.