Photographer Philip Bloom recently made 24 Hours of Neon, a short time-lapse video of the sun setting and rising again in Las Vegas. We've seen this time and again in New York and other cities, but Vegas is the saddest yet.

Maybe it's the score by Clint Mansell, maybe it's the clouds that roll over all the neon buildings, maybe it's that the light doesn't change that much, maybe it's because I've been to Vegas and I know how sad it is, or maybe it's because—as our friends at Animal New York observed—every time-lapse cliche all at once. Still, there is something about it that might make you shed a tear, hire a hooker to fuck the pain away, or want to throw yourself off one of those hotel balconies.

If you really like what you see, there's also a behind the scenes video of the making of the movie. But then again, what is Vegas without the illusion?