With her chat show ending on May 25th, world's most powerful woman Oprah Winfrey has her eyes set on the Great White Way. It's long been a dream of hers to perform on Broadway, and soon it will become a terrifying reality.

Terrifying in the way that there's some kind of mystical convergence of Oprah fandom and theater fandom that creates a Voltron of frenzy. When I worked selling tickets to Broadway shows, the Oprah Winfrey-produced The Color Purple was often just referred to by rabid customers as "the Oprah show." And she wasn't even in that one! If Winfrey picks the right play, and she says she has a bag of scripts (not the best way to keep a bunch of scripts maybe?) that she's considering, all of Times Square could explode. Oprah, in a Broadway play! Just think of it. Oh god, just think of it. My prayers go out to all the ticket sellers out there. May it be a short run. [Tribune, Photo via Getty]