Today we heard the terrific news that it will soon be legal to bring all your guns to college for fun gun parties and stuff. Uh oh, many people said. There will be drunk dudes shooting their pistols off (ew) every chance they get! But, one commenter warned, there's something else we're not thinking about.

From Pony_Exce$$:

I'm a fraternity man at a university in Texas right now (try and guess which one!) and this scares me because the only people I know of that even broached the subject of concealed handguns on campus have been sorority women.

Look, I'm all for women being able to protect themselves from assailants w/ mace but I wouldn't trust one female on my campus w/ a pistol that they'll have hidden in their Vera Bradley/Tory Birch handbag or concealed in their Uggs.

I'm gonna be honest there are already many guns on campus but none of them that I've seen are handguns and get used for anything other than hunting deer or clay pigeon shooting.

an individual still has to be 21 in Texas to even apply for a concealed license and even then there are tens of hours of coursework that have to be completed in gun safety. also, my girlfriend will be one of those females w/ a gun when she turns 21 in 6 months...YEEHAW!

Yikes. Watch out. Little ladies with big guns! For the love of god don't send your kids to college in Texas! (I suppose Rice would be fine. Or SMU. Good theater program!)

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