According to one of her bitter ex beaus, this starlet is into some really kinky things in bed. This actress is so messy with drugs she might not finish her next movie—or pay back her drug dealers. There's nothing freaky about that.

1. "At a recent music event, this star spent some time regaling a group of guys with bawdy stories about his love life. There was a lot of macho posturing and laughing going on until someone asked him about a married celebrity with whom he had been rumored to have had a steamy affair. Star's tone immediately changed from jovial to bitter. 'I wouldn't know, because apparently it didn't happen… according to her. Yeah, it didn't happen 4, 5, 6, 7 times for about a year… according to her. According to her, we're not even acquaintances.' At this point, someone on his management team stepped in to the conversation, loudly claiming that it was time to go, but Star just couldn't stop talking. 'And, since I don't know her, I also can't comment on how much of a cum freak she is. I'm just assuming that she is. I'm also assuming that underneath there's a lot of kink going on.' Star was then forcibly pulled away by his management, but on his way out the door, he couldn't resist turning around with one last comment. 'Oh, and another thing… if my cock wanted a porn star experience, she would be the one to call. Because I'll bet she also has no gag reflex. Just a hunch.'" [Blind Gossip]

2. "This former B+ list movie actress has had a mess of problems over the past few years. Lets face it, she is one big drugged out and boozed out shell of what she used to be. Blessed with a chance to get back into the game, she is blowing it. Literally. Her drug habit is so bad that she has already signed over her entire paycheck for her next movie to the drug dealers she owes. The problem is that she has fallen so far off the wagon that she might not even get that paycheck." [CDaN]