Newt Gingrich is in it, and he's in it to win it! He is running for president of America, in 2012. He announced this on Twitter around 4:30 this afternoon, just as he promised two days ago that he'd announce it on Twitter. Kind of kills the spontaneity of it all, no? And the tweet linked to his announcement video at, which hasn't been loading ever since. We used our master sleuth skills to find it on YouTube, but still: Improve your traffic capacity, candidate.

So will he win? No. Which won't stop the New York Times' Matt Bai from using cutesy numerology to compare him to Charles de Gaulle, anyway.


Gingrich's poll numbers haven't been very threatening, but if they were to rise, might there be anything rival candidates could use to shoot him down? Oh, just about 33 years worth of stuff. Affairs, dumping wives on their cancer beds, etc. But we think the Al Gore-funded commercial in which he and Nancy Pelosi stress the need to address climate change should do the trick.

In any event, good luck, Newt Gingrich!