"What you have on your license plate is everything ... It's your message to the world," says Floridian anachronism John Adams, who's been trying for years to exercise his constitutional right to put a Confederate license plate on his car. Will this warrior for liberty and freedom prevail?

Not anytime soon, it seems. The state legislature, which has to vote on all new license plate designs, wouldn't even give this year's installment of the "rebel plate" bill a ponder—possibly because they had more pressing matters to handle. But they probably would have rejected the plate anyway, because of their liberal leanings. Meanwhile, nine other southern states already have pro-Confederacy license plate designs. Why does the Florida legislature want their state to lag behind? It's almost like they hate progress.

In March, a federal judge declared Florida's license plate approval process unconstitutional after Adams, who heads up the Sons of Confederate Veterans, took his cause to court. He tells Fox News that he'll head back to court if the Lege rejects his "message to the world" once again. John Adams and his symbol of oppression plate are being oppressed! Life is full of cruel ironies.

Adams could probably simplify his life a great deal by packing up and moving to one of the nine states that already offer Confederate-style license plates. Then he could finally get a plate of his own, and also have more time to help the South rise again. It's just a thought. [Fox News]