A Washington State Patrol trooper yesterday shot and killed a 500-lb pig that had "escaped through a broken back passenger window" of a minivan. Trooper Morgan Mehaffey saw the pig running on a sidewalk in Spokane Valley, so he corralled it with his cruiser, Tasered the hell of it, then shot its ass dead.

Fair enough. It doesn't sound like the trooper had much choice, and the pig's new owner, who had just bought it for breeding, told him to fire away. But there's a bigger question here: How the hell does a 500-pound pig fit into the back of a minivan? And even then, how does it escape through a back passenger window? And who thought that was a good idea in the first place? We haven't had much exposure to 500-lb pigs before, but that's pretty big, no? So many questions!

[The Spokesman-Review; image via Shutterstock]