Poor little Tiny the lowland gorilla is dead after sustaining injuries caused during an attack by his surrogate father Kesho, who was apparently became "jealous" of the defenseless tot and started a fatal fight. Kesho is definitely on our "Worst Gorillas in the World" list today.

Keepers at the London Zoo had been hopeful that 11-year-old Kesho would be chill and take care of Tiny, whose real dad died from diabetes last year. The first meeting between surrogate-father and son had gone so well, with the two heading down to Chuck E. Cheese to play some skeeball and other gambling-like games, followed by a lovingly delivered botox injection for little Tiny. But it appears that Kesho's display of fatherly concern was an act of sorts:

Kesho asserted his authority during a second attempt on Thursday, and during a scuffle between the whole group the baby's arm was seriously injured.

The gorillas were separated and the baby taken to the on-site vet hospital.

When he was brought off the anaesthetic, Tiny was unable to breathe by himself, and vets suspected he had also sustained internal injuries.

Despite repeated efforts he could not be revived, ZSL said.

Zookeepers knew there was some danger of violence, as male gorillas attack their rivals' offspring in the wild fairly often. But Kesho had fooled them, the brute. The sad zookeepers have since given Tiny's body to his mom, so she can come to terms with his death. No word yet on whether Kesho will face any criminal charges for the incident.

Why are male gorillas so insecure? Are they worried about their sexual performance? Is it because of the magazines they read? Maybe they need to go to self-esteem camp, to gain insights into their emotions. Attacking babies is pretty indefensible, guys.

[BBC; image via Getty]