A veterinarian in Grand Rapids is offering a $500 reward for anyone who knows who shot his new friend, Bow the Cat, with a bow and arrow. A what? Yep—as it turns out, this sort of awful thing happens fairly often.

A gray and white stray, Bow was found by a highway with an arrow sticking out of his head. After some vets removed the arrow, Bow was taken in by a local nonprofit called Carol's Ferals and has been receiving care from kindly Dr. Bruce Langlois, who's making sure that the little guy doesn't develop an infection. Like many residents of Grand Rapids, Langlois wants to find who shot Bow and see that they're brought to justice, so he's put up the 500 bucks to see if anyone comes forward.

Though Bow's health is still endangered, and he's probably dealing with a lot of pain, he can at least rest assured that his personal brand is doing very well. In addition to getting lots of media coverage, he's also inspired a Facebook page, a fund-raising campaign, and a song. Stay strong, Bow.