Everyone's favorite butt-kicker has had her own butt kicked a bit of late, but it looks like she's rallied and will be back on TV. Also today: more TV pickup and cancellation news, plus a Terrence Malick controversy.

  • For those of you whose imaginations dwelt in Sunnydale, CA for seven glorious (and Gloryous) years back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, today is a good day. Our hero, Michelle Trachtenberg, is back on TV. Hahahaha. Jussssst kidding. Dawn was the worst. No, Sarah Michelle Gellar is back! Her pilot Ringer was not picked up by CBS, whom it was made for, but now it seems that The CW is getting the rebound and snapping up the show for itself. Sarah Michelle, back on a lesser network! It's like it's 2001 all over again. There's also a news item in there about some bizarre reality show that pairs celebrities up with online "haters" of said celebrities. You and me, Heigl. It's on. [Deadline]
  • Speaking of CBS, who wouldn't know a good leading TV actress if she bit them in the behind (first, apologies to Julianna Margulies, second, why would a leading TV actress be biting anyone, let alone the entire CBS network, in the behind?), they've announced their slate of new shows and, yes, cancellations. A Gifted Man, about a doctor (Patrick Wilson) being life-coached by his ghost dad wife (Bill Cosby Jennifer Ehle) and hanging out with a new lady (Julie Benz), has made the slate. As has Person of Interest from Jonathan Nolan and starring Michael Emerson, and Unforgettable, which used to be called The Rememberer, which is an amazingly terrible title. The comedy Two Broke Girls from Michael Patrick King and the suddenly ubiquitous Whitney Cummings plans to make a TV star out of Kat Dennings. Leelee Sobieski hopes for the same thing with her police drama The 2-2. Meanwhile, the Eye has canceled Mad Love, which is bad news for mid-'90s Drew Barrymore and Chris O'Donnell Judy Greer and Jason Biggs, as well as The Defenders and Shit My Dad Says. Aww, s@#$. [THR]
  • Is Terrence Malick's new picture The Tree of Life, about both a Texas family in the 1950s and the origin of life on Earth, wonderful or terrible? Well, don't ask the French. They both cheered and booed at the movie's first screening at Cannes, though by the end of the day and the formal gala screening, it was mostly cheers. They probably all had wine hangovers in the morning and then by the evening were drunk again on wine and in a better mood. And they probably ate some baguettes. With their wine. They're French! That's the joke with that one. [Vulture]
  • Family Guy guy Seth MacFarlane has gotten permission from Satan to reboot The Flintstones. While Satan was happy with the wonderful live action Flintstones movies, both regular and Rock Vegas, he doesn't feel like quite enough Flintstones-related material has been made. Thus, this new show. It's not one of Satan's bigger plans, but it's an interesting little project he's willing to throw his support behind. [Deadline]
  • Fox has announced their schedule too and it includes J.J. Abrams' Alcatraz as well as I Hate My Teenage Daughter with Jaime Pressly and The Finder, a spin-off of television's greatest series, The Bones. As crime has been eradicated in the United States, America's Most Wanted has been canceled. Well, either crime or rah-rah crime sensationalism has been eradicated. Or neither. Hard to tell. That's Fox for you, though. [THR]

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