You didn't think the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals telling Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss to go away forever would actually get them to drop their crap Facebook lawsuit, did you? They're taking this thing all the way to the Supreme Court!

In a statement, the Winkelevii say they intend to continue hurting America by asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the repeated rebuffs by lower courts in their quest to get more Facebook money.

"The Court's decision shut the courthouse door to a solid claim that Facebook obtained this settlement by committing securities fraud," The statement says. "Our Petition to the Supreme Court will ask the high court to decide whether that door should be reopened."

When the Supreme Court inevitably rejects their appeal, the Winklevii will move on to attempt a Constitutional amendment, then found their own island country whose only law is "Unlimited Facebook Lawsuits For Everyone." [All Things Digital; photo via Getty]