Forbes has released their annual Celebrity 100 List, in which celebrity power is ranked using a dartboard complicated algorithm. The big news this year is that Oprah Winfrey, who's held the top spot for four of the last seven years, has been dethroned by Lady Gaga.

Why Gaga? Because she earned $90 million last year, has 32 million Facebook fans and 10 million Twitter followers. The recently retired Oprah holds steady at No. 2. Justin Bieber, meanwhile, is hot on the Big O's tail at #3, with $53 million in earnings and a bunch of other powerful crap you don't care about. (Excuse me now while I soil my adult baby diaper.)

Other appearances of note: Endorsement Kryptonite Tiger Woods managed somehow to crack the Top 10; Leo DiCaprio makes the biggest upgrade, from 71st to 15th; and Britney Spears and Daniel Radcliffe were both absent.

Power, she's a fickle mistress. [Forbes, photo via Getty]