New York City is besieged with them: "The decadent. The depraved. The malodorous, greedy, drunk and demented."

New York Post subscribers?

No, foreigners! Foreign diplomats, specifically, although we all know that most foreigners—terrorist Muslims, non-white Africans, the French—fit the bill. Patriotic tabloid hussy-monitor Andrea Peyser today comes out against diplomatic immunity, the evil, foreigner-coddling practice that encourages foreigners to come to our fair city and rape our women, plunder our parking ticket revenue, and generally act with wild abandon. How can we put these foreigners "in check?" Andrea has found a practical solution:

The best solution comes from a construction-worker pal:

"We should make foreign visitors put up their houses, their palaces, their fortunes as collateral before visiting the city. Then take it all away if they as much as spit on the sidewalk."

Have you got a better idea?

Nope. I guess we'll have to use that construction worker's idea.

[NYP. Photo: AP]