A Chinese Twitter user with the handle Hanunyi is being hunted by police after he threw eggs (miss) and his shoes (hit) at the computer scientist Fang Binxing, the architect of China's Great Firewall. He live-blogged the whole thing.

The protest against Fang, whom Chinese Internet users hate for obvious reasons, was spontaneously organized on Twitter by students after they heard Fang was giving a lecture at their school. As the attack unfolded, Hanuyi posted photos of the door to the lecture hall and one of the eggs that would, sadly, miss its target. As for the shoe, Hanunyi wrote, "I definitely hit Fang... it was not difficult to hit with my shoes but a little bit harder to target him really successfully. A later photo showed his bare feet, blistered from sprinting away from the lecture hall.

Chinese social networks are in a triumphant uproar, according to the Telegraph: "online users offered to shower gifts on the two protestors from expensive meals to cash prizes, with one user even offering herself to the 'heroes'." Nice to see that people on the internet in China are as crass as they are in the U.S.

Hanyunyi apparently remains on the lam, judging from his tweets. We'll see if he live-blogs his arrest and subsequent mysterious disappearance. [Image via Hanunyi]