Today we heard about workplace elevators that separate poor people from the rich. Terrible! But not exactly a new practice. And sometimes that segregation is even worse. For example, behold one commenter's story.

From TheHitchhiker:

I worked for a company once that was so monstrously bad with this kind of stuff. Prez's & CEO had parking spots right up front of building, the rest of us had to use a garage 3 blocks away even though the lot they used has space for us. They had their own private lunch room with a giant flat screen HDTV, we got a cramped room with a radio. There was a sliding security door installed for their use in case they had packages with them, our key cards did not work for that door. The office got water delivery, in their lunch room. We got tap water. They got one of those Kurig coffee things, we had to bring our own. Then the "office reward day" which was a day at some amusement park which most of us not being 8-years-old could care less about, but were told in no uncertain terms if we did not show up it would be considered not showing up for work despite it being listed as one of our holiday days on our personal calendars for vacation. We had to pay $40 for the passes, to find out that day that it got us access to the park and the picnic but not rides, games or anything. The CEO & Prez's kids though? Unlimited rides! Wonder who paid for those? That was my last week there. Oh yeah and I forgot, the total company employees in the office? 8.

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