Here's a trailer for Straw Dogs, a remake of the brutal 1971 Sam Peckinpah thriller about a nerdy man forced into violence by some angry townsfolk.

This remake has moved the action from the English countryside to the terrible, hick-filled, murderous South. It seems I've got to get myself to this "Southern United States" because evidently the killer rednecks down there look like Alexander Skarsgård. You can break into my house and try to kill me any time, Skarsy!

Sex-vampire jokes aside, Peckinpah's original movie didn't shy away from gruesome things like rape and throwing boiling hot oil in people's faces, so it will be interesting to see if this new version "goes there." Chances are it will. I mean, it's the '90s! Anything goes! Either way, I probably won't be personally finding out. After seeing Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler (and poor Dennis from It's Always Sunny) get brutally savaged in The Strangers, I think I've had my fill of lonely cabins besieged by murderous weirdos. But if it floats your boat, have at it!