Did Renee Deshaies of Mesa, Arizona enter a local Dairy Queen and "threaten" employees with the grenade she supposedly found lying around in a park? Or did she just "show" the grenade, as if to say, "Whoa look, grenade! Weird. Anybody know what I should do with this?"

Here's what the Arizona Republic reports:

The woman entered the Dairy Queen in the 600 block of East Main Street in Mesa on Thursday evening and bought ice cream. Before leaving, she pulled the grenade out of her pocket and showed the employees. No other customers were present, police said.

The employees called police after she left the building and told police they feared for their safety. The police contacted the woman as she was riding her bike away from the Dairy Queen.


The woman told police she found the grenade less than a mile away at Pioneer Park, and claimed she thought the grenade was real. She also told police she was going to call 911 after she left the shop to turn the grenade over.

Other Arizona news outlets use "show" to describe what Deshaies did at the DQ—which, admittedly, was somewhat ill-advised! Displaying grenades to ice cream novelty servers rarely impresses them—even if the grenade is only a training grenade, as was the case here. Picking up random grenade-shaped objects is usually not recommended, either. But maybe Deshaies was afraid that someone at the playground—a small child, or an old person—would pick up the possibly-a-dangerous-grenade item and have an accident? Maybe she was just trying to be a Good Samaritan, and was being super-awkward about it.

Meanwhile, the Fox News and ABC affiliates in Phoenix (where it's 84 degrees! so jealous), allege that Deshaies "threatened" the store employees with the grenade, as does the New York Daily News' Mesa, Arizona bureau. No description of any overtly threatening behavior by Deshaies is given, aside from her "showing" her discovery to employees.

Whatever her intent, Deshaies was arrested and jailed on one count of misconduct simulating an explosive and disorderly conduct/fighting. Or maybe it was disorderly conduct and misconduct with a simulated explosive charges, but no fighting. It's not entirely clear! What is clear is that Deshaies needs to hire a lawyer, and probably also a publicist. Maybe the next time she goes to the park, she'll find a briefcase full of cash (just don't show it to any fast food employees).

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