Jon Huntsman, the former Utah governor and ambassador to China, is already a Serious Presidential Candidate, according to something we wrote a few hours ago. Do you have any questions about this mysterious man that no one's heard of? Well five minutes at the website of Horizon PAC, Huntsman's campaign-in-waiting, should clear all of that up, since it features several vague, poem-ish musings on life and politics that don't even mention Huntsman's name.

Since Horizon PAC can't actually endorse any candidacies in its present status, the website — look under the "MORE" section — simply contains three prose poems: "What Happened," "The Politician," and "Maybe Someday."

Who are these anonymous PACbots referring to in "The Politician"?

It's an unusual animal.

The firm handshake. The frosty smile. So often driven by ego alone.

They stand in a line and few stand out. They read the same written words. Words that have been repetitively spoken for decades.

They tell us they love us. Respect our families.

That all will be well. But, nothing is ever well.

We forget we elect them to represent us.

America can do so much better.

Maybe someday.

Maybe someday. Maybe someday... we'll be fortunate enough to have Mitt Romney as president? No one can tell! The trick, though, is to use the phrase "Maybe someday" in all the poems that aren't titled "Maybe Someday."

"What Happened," America?

To America? To politics? To our politicians?

What happened to decency? To reason?
What happened to common goals? To calm? To respect?
What happened to actual, lasting solutions to problems?

When were they replaced with anger?
Slammed fists. Divisive words. Winning at any cost?
When did principles evaporate?

When was balanced replaced by bloated?
Honor by power?
Prepared by preening?

What happened? We live the result.

Maybe someday we'll find a new generation of conservative leaders.

Well-grounded leaders of vision.

Who will bring back America.

Maybe someday.

Yeah yeah shutup.

Now you should write your own Jon Huntsman Poem, in the comments! America Land. Anger? Potatoes. Fisting at the gates of dawn. You drive and you drive and the road ends. Huh? Where? Diarrhea, and so on.

[Image via AP]