Huguette Clark, a 104-year-old copper heiress, reportedly passed away this morning at Beth Israel Medical Center, where she's lived for the past two decades. With her advisers still under investigation for plundering her fortune, this is a Law & Order episode waiting to happen.

Following a series of reports last year, the state of New York stepped in to investigate Clark's lawyer Wallace Bock and accountant Irving Kamsler, who are suspected of mismanaging her millions to their benefit and bestowing on themselves millions of dollars worth of "gifts." Clark, who hadn't left her house in years, was moved out of her palatial Fifth Avenue estate and hospitalized in 1990, though she was reportedly still in fine condition. That's a far cry from the hard-partying socialite she was in the 1930s, when this photo was taken.

Clark was registered in the hospital under an assumed name, and there's no word yet on what will happen to her 42-room New York apartment (worth about $100 million), her estates in Santa Barbara or Connecticut, or the large art collection left behind by her father. Hopefully, with the help of the investigation, the mystery will start to unravel and Hugette's story will have a happy ending.

[Image via AP]