Today we heard about the ever-growing, crushing discrimination against white people that is befalling our nation. What is there to do? Well, nothing, one commenter argues. Just enjoy the end of days, basically.

From Yankton:

I've seen the numbers and I'm fully aware that my days of socio-cultural primacy based off nothing but my lack of melanin, y chromosome and sexual preference for women is coming to an end.
But unlike these assholes, I plan on enjoying it. The way I see it, I've got about two decades left of easy loan access, multiple job opportunities, relatively unenforced narcotic consumption, indiscriminate neighborhood joyrides, preferred consumer status and all political, professional and legal control.
I'm sure as shit not going to spend it holding up a fuckwit's placard in the rain and mewling like a jelly-smeared toddler that I'm not getting my way.
Nope. I'm going to have the best possible time I can ruining every single institution I can in my full capacity before some other group comes into ascendancy of our broken and tattered society!

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