Krittika Biswas is a high school senior in Queens and the daughter of the vice consul of the Indian Consulate in New York. Earlier this year, she was perp-walked out of school, arrested, held for a day in central booking, and spent a month at a school "suspension center," all for allegedly sending email threats "with references to rape and prostitution" to two of her teachers. Except she didn't.

No, it was some other kid who did it (a "male classmate," and the school decided not to press charges against him, for some reason), and now Biswas is suing the City of New York for one-point-five million bucks. And her lawyer has another suggested remedy:

He added that because the "unbelievable insult" was being relayed throughout diplomatic circles, Mayor Bloomberg could smooth things over by giving Biswas a key to the city.

Hmm. She certainly deserves something for her ordeal. But a key to the city? Why not also demand that Jay-Z and Alex Rodriguez escort her to the prom, or that the Empire State Building be renamed "Krittika Biswas Tower?" Come on.

How about we agree to stop funneling money to Pakistan that they use to wage war against your nation's borders, and call it even?

[NYP. Photo: AP]