This ambitious star will sleep with anyone—man or woman—as long as it will further his career. This actress now wants to be a pop star. And former starlet Estella Warren shares some blind dirt. Guess her ambition lies in the tabloids.

1. "He has been sleeping with producer after producer—mostly females, any age, any shape—offering himself in exchange for opportunities. Any opportunities. While it's rather competitive among famewhores on the project he's best known for, it turns out he's the one who's most aggressive, most desperate, most willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Hilarious because it hasn't exactly been working for him until recently, a surprise gig. Still, after so many tries, and other boys on the side in the city, and so many nights with much older lady executives, you'd think he would have gotten further ahead than where he's come to now which really isn't all that impressive. Maybe that's why he decided to switch sides. Besides, it suits his true preference anyway. He'll do both, but men are what really make him happy. So he must not have minded so much when he laid himself out, twice, for a very high profile male producer with an impressive resume mentoring some huge names, recently, in the hopes of perhaps crossing over, straddling several different portfolios at the same time. If Jennifer Lopez can be a multihyphenate, with one of those hyphens being a music career, I suppose it gives others hope that they can too, him included. Never mind that there's an over 25 year age gap between them." [Lainey Gossip]

2. "Which sexy, buxom, B-list star—known for breaking up a director's marriage—is now trying to become a pop star? Even though the former TV actress was dropped by a UK record label, she's still trying to charm US music producers with catchy demo tracks." [Blind Gossip]

3. "These would have been very hard without the Estella Warren part of the equation. It is amazing what someone will tell you about themselves in a two hour conversation one night.

  • Had an affair with this A list movie actor. Was said to have been the reason his marriage ended.
  • Complained about having sex with this B- list movie actor with a bigger name than his resume should really give him, because she says to everyone that he always wanted to talk about it before and after and analyze the whole event.
  • Called this fellow countryman and celebrity, her 30 second guy, and that was actually his record. Most of the time he could not even get to where he was going without finishing if you know what I mean."