First Law & Order got the axe, but now actors are defecting from L&O: SVU and it looks like the real life sexual victims unit, which counsels rape victims and collects evidence of sexual assault at the city's 11 hospitals, might get canceled as well.

The city is recommending cutting the unit as part of the city's budget cuts. Eliminating the team, which some deem as "redundant" because doctors and nurses are trained to do the same work, would save $1.2 million a year. But if they go away, what headlines will be left for us to rip from?

As for Benson and Stabler, it looks like they already see the writing on the wall for the show, which is entering its 13th season. Producers announced today Emmy winner Mariska Hargitay will be limiting her role on SVU next fall and still-dreamy-after-all-these-years Christopher Meloni won't return at all. Maybe it won't matter much if all the storylines dry up.

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