Last August, Tad Friend wrote an excellent article in the New Yorker about the spectacularly bizarre life of downtown New York scenester John Lurie, focusing on his weird on-again, off-again friendship with an artist named John Perry, portrayed as a moody and dangerous figure who ended up stalking Lurie and making threats against his life.

It was crazy. John Perry was not very happy about. Now, the New York Post reports, he's 17 days into a hunger strike, trying to get some sort of retraction. He's also sitting out in a park near Lurie's house for eight hours a day! The magazine's standing by the story. And furthermore:

Sources at The New Yorker say many of the story's descriptions of actions that appear to be stalking — such as tracking Lurie to the Caribbean — came from Perry himself.

Perhaps this is not the best way to convince everyone you're not an obsessive stalker, John Perry? Or maybe it is! Whatever, we're not getting involved. Really. We have no opinion, John Perry. Forget us, please.