Sue Ann Marcum, a 52 year-old professor at American University, was found murdered in her home in the DC suburbs last year. The prime suspect in the case is Jorge Rueda Landeros, a yoga instructor who has now reportedly fled to Mexico. But that hasn't stopped him from making beautiful, fugitive poetry.

The Washington Post reports that Landeros is stone cold chilling down in Mexico, just sending poetic letters back to friends in DC letting them know that he's totally innocent and also, btw, his dharma pimp game is without equal:

"Krishna and Jesus Christ, my two most cherished teachers, would be able to hold me in their gaze and see me as nothing more than another reincarnation of their eternal message," he wrote in his letter, according to police sources. "I will write later. This drama unfolds with the inevitability of a good Greek drama. Let us all enjoy our popcorn."

What poise, for a man accused of breaking into a woman's apartment in bludgeoning her to death. That's what yoga can do for you, friends. (Landeros also writes very loquacious Amazon reviews and online tributes to yoga masters.)

Highly articulate, accented criminals can get away with anything, as Sideshow Bob proved.

[WaPo. Photo: Interpol]